Course Main Page; Stat 340; Fall 2009
Introduction to Probability and Statistics - I


Course annoucement


Always check the Schedule. It contains links to many things.

If you cannot click on any link, it probably means it is old stuff, not yet updated for 2009. If you think this is an error, please email me.

Nick Basch will likely take the class (most) Mondays; this will be the "Quiz-session" for the class.
This Quiz-section is an integral part of the class, and you will likely find doing the quiz-section examples with Nick one of the most helpful things in learning to apply the ideas and methods of the Lecture Notes.

Homeworks will be due at start of class on Wednesdays, and are expected to be returned the following Monday.

Office Hours

Elizabeth Thompson: PDLFD C317; Tues, Thurs 2.00-3.15
Or, email me for an appointment, or see me briefly after class.

Nick Basch: Mon 12.30-1.30 PDLFD B307; Tues 1-2 McCarty Study Center

Course text

The book is Kelly, Introduction to Probability, Prentice-Hall (1994)
There is only one edition; it is possible the paperback edition may have a different date, but they are all the same -- just reprintings.


Provisionally, homeworks are due Wednesday, before class.
Late homeworks will be penalized, except in exceptional circumstances.
Otherwise it is too hard on the TA, and delays homework returns for all.
Note your Homework grade is based on a "drop one"; i.e. best (n-1) out of n where n probably is 9.

Exams and Grading

There will be two midterms (probably ???).

If due to illness or other genuine emergency you miss one midterm, your score will be figured from the other midterm and your final. If absences due to illness (e.g.H1N1) are longer than one week, extra accommodations regarding homeworks and exams can be made.

Your overall score will be converted to a grade via a monotone increasing but non-linear function.
Grades will surely range from 2.0 to 4.0.
The top scoring student(s) will obtain a 4.0 grade.
If you score less than 50% you will likely get below a 2.0.

Note: Oct 26: Each student's own scores for Homeworks 1,2,3 and for Midterm-1 have been made available to them through Catalyst Gradebook.