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This is the UW Space-Time Statistics Reading Group page for Spring 2015.

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04/06/15 Aaron Zimmerman Zammit‐Mangion, A., Rougier, J., Schön, N., Lindgren, F., & Bamber, J. (2015). Multivariate spatio‐temporal modelling for assessing Antarctica's present‐day contribution to sea‐level rise. Environmetrics [LINK]
04/13/15 Katie Wilson Wakefield, Jon. "Disease mapping and spatial regression with count data."Biostatistics 8, no. 2 (2007): 158-183. [LINK]
04/20/15 Jim Faulkner Choi, I., Li, B., and Wang, X.  2013. Nonparametric Estimation of Spatial and Space-Time Covariance Function. Journal of Agricultural, Biological, and Environmental Statistics, 18(4), 611-630. [LINK]
04/27/15 Michael Karcher
Research Talk [SLIDES]
05/04/15 Jane Zanzig
Bolin, David, et al. "Fast estimation of spatially dependent temporal vegetation trends using Gaussian Markov random fields." Computational Statistics & Data Analysis 53.8 (2009): 2885-2896. [LINK]
05/11/15 Paul Sampson
Risser, M. D., and Calder, C. A. (2015), Regression-based gcovariance functions for nonstationary spatial modeling. Environmetrics, 26, 284–297. [LINK]
05/18/15 Peter Guttorp
Bellone, Enrica, James P. Hughes, and Peter Guttorp. "A hidden Markov model for downscaling synoptic atmospheric patterns to precipitation amounts."Climate research 15.1 (2000): 1-12. [LINK]
05/25/15 Memorial Day
No Meeting
06/01/15 Harry Podschwit
Schoenberg, Frederic P., et al. "A critical assessment of the burning index in Los Angeles county, California." International Journal of Wildland Fire 16.4 (2007): 473-483. [LINK]

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