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This is the UW Space-Time Statistics Reading Group page for Winter 2015.

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Date Speaker
01/12/15 Aaron Zimmerman
Milliff, Ralph F., et al. "Ocean ensemble forecasting. Part I: Ensemble Mediterranean winds from a Bayesian hierarchical model." Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society 137.657 (2011): 858-878. [PAPER]
01/19/15 Martin Luther King Day
No Meeting
01/26/15 Paul Sampson
Lindström, Johan, et al. "A flexible spatio-temporal model for air pollution with spatial and spatio-temporal covariates." Environmental and Ecological Statistics(2013): 1-23. [PAPER] [SLIDES]
 No Meeting
02/09/15 Jane Zanzig
Heaton, M. J., Katzfuss, M., Ramachandar, S., Pedings, K., Gilleland, E., Mannshardt-Shamseldin, E. and Smith, R. L. (2011), Spatio-temporal models for large-scale indicators of extreme weather. Environmetrics, 22: 294–303. doi: 10.1002/env.1050
02/16/15 Presidents' Day
No Meeting
02/23/15 Katie Wilson & Anna Plantinga
Schrödle, Birgit, Leonhard Held, and Håvard Rue. "Assessing the impact of a movement network on the spatiotemporal spread of infectious diseases."Biometrics 68.3 (2012): 736-744. [PAPER]
03/02/15 Jim Faulkner
Wang, Fangpo, and Alan E. Gelfand. "Modeling space and space-time directional data using projected Gaussian processes." Journal of the American Statistical Association 109.508 (2014): 1565-1580. [PAPER]
Ning Li
Greven, Sonja, Francesca Dominici, and Scott Zeger. "An approach to the estimation of chronic air pollution effects using spatio-temporal information."Journal of the American Statistical Association 106.494 (2011): 396-406. [PAPER]

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