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Online reviews and courses in algebra and calculus useful for social scientists

  • Algebra Review in 10 Lessons: An excellent online course in useful algebra. Starts by setting up the environment, exponents and radicals, basic algebra, expansions, dividing and factoring polynomials, solving equations and inequalities, the Cartesian coordinate system and functions, trigonometric, first and second degree curves Nice text-like development and examples; highly recommended. (Netscape recommended)
  • Concepts of Algebra: An online tutorial course in the concepts of algebra, algebraic factoring, radicals and exponents, logarithmns and exponentials Great questions and interactive solutions; not too much theory.
  • Introduction to SAS: Some lecture notes in college algebra: multiplication, dovidion and factoring of polynomials, exponents, radicals, rational exponents, quadratic equations and equations with radicals A good alternative to the Algebra Review in 10 lessons.


  •  e-Calculus: An outstanding online course in calculus: functions, limits, continuity, differentiation, and integration. all you need on calculus. (Netscape recommended)


Using UNIX/LINUX for Social Science Computing

Rweb: A Web based interface to R where you can run snippets of R code and see the output.

Learning about R


·  Background notes on R and the Omegahat Project Brian Ripley’s wisdom



Downloading and Installing R on your computer

To download R go to CRAN (the Comprehensive R Archive Network) at


or one of the mirror sites listed there. In particular the US mirror is


Follow the instructions on the CRAN web pages. There are precompiled binaries for various forms of Windows (95, 98, NT, and 2000) and various forms of UNIX (including Linux).


Downloading R for Windows

Go to


read the ReadMe files there and follow the instructions.


Interesting Links (with thanks to Bob Heckard, Penn State University)

In the Current News: Surveys, Observational Studies, and Randomized Experiments

  • HyperStat: an online statistics reference that provides multiple perspectives and styles.
  • Gallup Polls: The Gallup Organization’s site. Frequent updating with current polls and good archive of polls conducted in last few years.
  • PollingReport.com   A collection of recent poll results on business, politics and society from many different sources.
  • CNN Polling Details : A Frequently Asked Questions page explaining how CNN polls are usually conducted.

Survey Methodology

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