Mathias Drton



  1. My current interests revolve around graphical models, algebraic statistics, and problems of model selection. A graphical model is a multivariate statistical model that is associated to a graph whose nodes correspond to variables of interest. The edges of the graph reflect a pattern of allowed (conditional) dependences among the variables. Graphical models often have algebraic structure and many statistical problems pertaining to graphical models benefit from application of techniques from computational algebraic geometry.

Professor of Statistics

  1. University of Washington
    Department of Statistics
    Box 354322
    Seattle, WA 98195-4322, U.S.A.

  2. Office:  Padelford Hall A-317

  3. Tel:       +1-206-543-3871

  4. Fax:      +1-206-685-7419

  5. E-Mail:


  1. R package for parameter identification in linear structural equation models (with Rina Barber, Luca Weihs).


  1. R package for the singular Bayesian information criterion (Luca Weihs, Martyn Plummer).


  1. R package for efficient computation of Bergsma and Dassios’ sign covariance (Luca Weihs)