Biostat 580B - Statistical Genetics Seminar

Instructor: Ellen Wijsman
Instructor: Elizabeth Thompson

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1 credit

Spring Quarter 2001
Seminar: Tuesday 4:00-5:00 in Biostat Conference Room

Reminder: Everyone should read the papers (make a copy from the copy left in the stat mailbox, or the purple biostat 580B homework folder under the biostat mailboxes). Discussion leaders are only expected to spend 15-20 minutes presenting the assigned papers. If you don't understand everything, focus on what you can, and try to think about what is important about the papers, and what open questions you are left with.

Remember the important questions:

Why? What? Why? How? Why? What next? and WHY?

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Spring Schedule


Elizabeth Thompson will give the regular stat seminar, May 23, (3.30 in LOEW 201).
The title is Probabilities on Pedigrees: What, How and Why?

Andrew Strahs from Chicago will be visiting to check out UW April 19-20. He will give the informal seminar in the Friday group meeting (2.30 in C301). Here are the title and abstract. Statgen people are welcome.

CONGRATULATIONS to Heike Bickeboller
Heike Bickeb"oller (Statistics Ph.D., 1993) has been appointed to a full C3 Professorship at University of G"ottingen, Germany, as head of a new Department of Genetic Epidemiology there.