Biostat 580B - Statistical Genetics Seminar

Instructor: Ellen Wijsman
Instructor: Elizabeth Thompson

1 credit

Spring Quarter 1999
Seminar: Tuesday 4:00-5:00 F-600 Biostatistics conference room

Reminder: Everyone should read the papers (make a copy from the copy left in the stat mailbox, or the purple biostat 580B homework folder under the biostat mailboxes). Discussion leaders are only expected to spend 15-20 minutes presenting the assigned papers. If you don't understand everything, focus on what you can, and try to think about what is important about the papers, and what open questions you are left with.

Remember the important questions:

Why? What? Why? How? Why? What next? and WHY?


Spring Schedule

March 30: Lindsey Dubb (originally scheduled for Feb 23).

Also in the stat and biostat boxes is a Trends in Ecology and Evolution paper. The article has a box which covers (some of) the terminology:

Page, Roderic D.M., and Michael A. Charleston (1998), Trees within trees: phylogeny and Historical associations, Trends in Ecology and Evolution ("TREE") vol 13(9) pp 356-359.

April 6: Jochen Kumm

We also set the schedule for the rest of the quarter at this 3/30 mtng: we are going to learn some quantitative genetics!!

April 13; Laura Schorenberg and Nicky Chapman

April 20: France Gagnon and Jochen Kumm

April 27: Do Peterson

May 4: Ellen Goode

May 11: Warwick Daw

May 18: Lindsey Dubb

May 25: Eric Anderson

June 1: Barbara McKnight

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