Biostat 580B - Statistical Genetics Seminar

Winter Quarter 2005
Seminar: Tuesday 4:00-5:00, in T635 HSB (watch THIS space for any room change)


Jan. 4:

  • We will fix the topics, speakers, and specific papers -- our focus will be trait models in linkage analyses in natural and experimantal populations. Please come prepared!

    Jan 11: Ellen Wijsman

  • Ellen will introduce some of the issues in the area of trait modelling, by talking about their work in late-onset Alzheimer disease. Two papers:

    Jan 18: Audrey Fu and Liping Tong

    Jan 25: Garrett Hellenthal and Yoonha Choi
    The topic is censored data/phenotypes. The paper is:

    Feb 1: Haoyuan Zhu and I-Yu Chiu
    The topic is penetrance, in context of complex traits. We have both a general paper, and an example from a few pages of a more complex example:

    Feb 8: Grace Ge and Paul Scheet
    The topic is models for longitudinal data. The first paper following is the methodology paper underlying two of the longitudinal data analyses of the Framingham data in GAW13 (by some of the same authors): these GAW13 refs are also given FYI.

    See this page from Charlie re what methacholine is and does

    See these pages from Charlie, clarifying the methodlogical issues

    Feb 15: Joe Rothstein and Julian Wolfson
    Topic: Major gene covariates:

    Add codes for next quarter: please contact Katie Kerr (katiek@u)-- soon, not quite yet, I think!

    Feb 22: Arindam RoyChoudhury and Saonli Basu
    Topic: Missing phenotypes and covariates.
    Here is one brief overview paper:

    Additionally, Arindam has place a few pages from the following book in the Stat and Biostat StatGen Seminar boxes/folders:

    Mar 1: Rob Igo : research talk.

  • Oligogenic Segregation Analysis of a Complex Trait: The Case of the Disappearing Model.

    Mar 8: Angel Wan : research talk.

  • Power, Type I error, parameter estimation of the variance components method in Bivariate linkage analysis of quantitative traits using samples of random families