Louella: Born 14.feb.2008

Just two weeks after Joshua died in April 2016, EGRR asked me to go to Everett Animal Shelter to collect a 9-year-old golden retriever who they had determined unadoptable due to her significant health problems. Her name was "Bree". The early days were hard, but we both did so need the other, and from the beginning she was a very sweet and accepting dog. Many veterinary visits followed; among other things she lost all her upper front teeth. Her ear tumors were found to be benign, but the tissue of the right ear canal so infected, that total ear canal ablation followed. She recovered well from this, but had continuing resistant infections in her left ear and allergies leading to very sore feet and skin. However, her weight decreased from 89 lb to 59 lb and she was overall much healthier. By August, she was thought to be almost ready for adoption, but at the end of August she suffered a major seizure -- a very scary thing I had not had with any of my own dogs. Then two more, much more minor, at the end of September, and the end of October. So she remained in EGRR foster care.

I was away, December 2016 to July 2017, so for 8 months she was cared for by other EGRR members, but on my return to Seattle, she became mine, and she became "Louella". Accessing her microchip record, I found she was almost a whole year younger than originally reported. We have had some good hikes; unlike with Joshua and Benedict she can hike off leash and always stays close. We have started taking obedience training more seriously: she is eager to please, and very food oriented. She will have more dental care soon -- more teeth need to go.