MATH/STAT 394-395-396

Elizabeth Thompson will be teaching one section of MATH/STAT 394-5-6 in Fall-Winter-Spring, 1998-9.

This is the page for MATH/STAT 396 A (SPRING 1999)

Classes: MWF 10.30-11.20; DEN 302

There is no required book for the class. We will start by doing probability generating functions and moment generating functions. Those who have been doing 394/5 can use Kelly for that -- or it should be in whatever book you DID use for 394/5.

Here is the start of a lecture schedule.
Also, Sharon Browning will give the class, Monday 4/12.
And, Beatrix Jones will give the class, Friday 4/23.
And, Eric Anderson will give the class, Monday 5/3. Here are some ammendments to his notes.
And, Beatrix Jones will give the class, Friday 5/10.
And, Eric Anderson will give the class, Monday 5/24. Here is an ammended version of the notes.

There is a recommended book, Taylor and Karlin, Introduction to Stochastic Modeling. There is a new edition just out, but you do not need to have the new edition. You do not have to have a copy at all, but it is a good book, and I will use it for a variety of examples.

Here is a summary of all you need to know from STAT394-5


There will be no midterm exam for this class. Instead there will be a paper due around week 8. There will be a list of suggested topics. You may also propose your own topic. This will be 35% of the grade.
Here is some information. The paper will be due May 26.

There will be a final exam at the officially scheduled time/place:
Monday, June 7, 8.30-10.20 in Denny 302
This will be a regular in-class final, but you will be allowed limited notes. This will be 35% of the grade.

Homework will be the remaining 30% of the grade. You can drop one homework from your homework grade.


There will be approximately weekly homeworks -- not large ones.
Here is homework 1 , due Wed 4/7.
Here is homework 2 , due Wed 4/14.
Here is homework 3 , due Wed 4/21.
Here is homework 4 , due Wed 4/28.
Here is homework 5 , due Wed 5/5
Homework 6: due Wed 5/12; a one-page version of your proposed project
Here is homework 7 , due Wed 5/19
NO homework due 5/26: projects due
Here is homework 8 , due Wed 6/2

Office hours

We will start by trying 4.45-5.45 on Mondays and Fridays.

Copies of transparencies and homework solutions

Copies will be made available, at the Copy Center in the basement of Communications.
The eighth (final!) set is now there (Hwk 8 solutions).

Notes for last part of the course
For renewal processes and for birth-and-death processes I will produce printed notes. You already have what is here so far:
Renewal processes: (7 pages)
Birth and Death processes: (5 pages)
These are a PostScript files. You will need ghostview or something to view it and/or print it. If having difficulty ask

Examples and Genetics
We will soon get back to talking about examples: as before many of these examples will be about genetics. However, it will be different sorts of genetic models and processes this quarter, so if you do not know anything about genetics do not worry. For those who want to see the genetics background from 394 and 395, here is a link.