STAT 512 -- STAT 513

Elizabeth Thompson will be teaching STAT512 in Fall 1997 and STAT513 in Winter 1998.

Do not believe the UW catalog and `pink-sheet' descriptions of this course; they are many years out of date. One day we will get around to fixing them. The first ten words of the description is correct, although not very useful. Instead, read the information on the

which are available now.

Also there is information on class email and computing accounts.

Info on homework and exams

Homework grade will be based on the best (n-2) out of n homeworks. Homework is not supposed to be competitive, but cooperative. It is to your advantage to work on as many problems as you can, but it does not help to get stuck on a problem. If you get stuck, share your ideas about it with your peers. If you are all still stuck, come and ask Moulinath or me about it. We will always answer your questions, so long as you show you have thought about it.

The date of the midterm for Stat512 is Wednesday October 29, and for Stat513 is February 13. These midterms are in-class "limited notes" exam. You are allowed notes written on two 8.5" by 11" pieces of paper. You may write what you like on your two pieces of paper -- writing them is a very useful review tool.

There will be NO HOMEWORK due on October 27, or February 11.

The final exams will be at the official time and place given in the corrected time schedule: that is, on Friday December 12, 8.30-10.20, for Stat512 and on Monday, March 16, 8.30-10.20, for Stat513. You will again be allowed notes written on two 8.5" by 11" pieces of paper.

Old exams available for viewing

Do not worry if these look hard. Somewhat different things are done in somewhat different order each year, so the corresponding exams do not exactly correspond. Outline solutions for some of these will go to copy center before this year's exams-- and some may get used as homeworks.

Notes and homework exercises

Homework exercises from Casella & Berger. The previous year's lists are also here, for info. Make sure you look at the right year!

Other schedule info etc.

Stat513 -- they are giving us EEB222 -- even though it may not be large enough
        There are no rooms available in the 40-50 size.
	However, it is said to be going to be a good room 
            -- it is not ready yet!

       So much for that story -- now they are moving us to SIEG 226.